Target Practice Mixtape

Target practice tracklist:

1. Intro (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
2. Pray for my downfall feat Rayza and AJ Xpress (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
3. Blackout (Prod. By Side Effects)
4. What it do (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
5. On my side feat Clay (prod. By Phatone)
6. Dougie fresh feat Optimus and Prodical (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
7. Drop feat Optimus and Clay (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
8. So fly feat Side Effects (Prod. By Optimus)
9. Jerk (Prod. By Owen)
10. I run this Feat Optimus and Clay (Prod. By AJ Xpress)
11. Angel feat Kool Kat (Prod. By Al El Phuric)
12. Target practice (Prod. By Optimus)
13. Take it back feat Al El Phuric (Prod. By KayCee)
14. Ballin' : AJ Xpress
15. Inny minny (Prod. By Inca)
16. My style (Prod. By Clay)
17. Keep the fame (Produced by AJ Xpress)

Bonus tracks:
18. 6 feet deep : Al El Phuric
19. Pose feat Clay, Seleven, Optimus, Al El Phuric and Prodical

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