Saturday, 8 December 2012


Artist: XYZ
Song: Holding On
Featured on: M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Beat-Tape

"Black Hue" is XYZ’s second solo collection of beats: A masterful collage of gritty unrelenting boom bap from start to finish. Occasionally revealing patches of dancehall, soul, Electronica and a lot more for those knowledgeable enough to disentangle its DNA but for the casual listener as the name alludes to hip-hop's origin as the art form of the borrower, the collector, the sampler and the re-inventor, with all other genres adding colour to this dark canvas.

XYZ continues to build on his signature sound he first exhibited on Xperimentz (2011), melancholy samples layered over gritty percussion, but never shys away from throwing in surprises around every bend. Proving why he is becoming the go to producer for that Raw and unorthodox sound while still remaining a formidable threat behind the mic.

The ‘darkness’ of “Black Hue” is Immersive though never overwhelming; Absorbing light but giving warmth. Most importantly it remains true to the essence of the beatsmith's craft: the ability to create something unique and instantly recognisable from different sources.

Str8Buttah productions

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