Sunday, 2 December 2012

Summer Azul

Artist: Summer Azul
Song: Big Body Chick
Featured on: M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape

  Imagine for a moment a new breed of the female Hip Hop artist. A multitalented musician blending Electronica, Hip Hop and World music in a way unseen before. Then put that together with multicultural background and undeniable talent and you have Summer Azul, the evolution of the female musician. Summer Azul is a rapper, singer and actress with extraordinary talents and diehard determination.  She is the ultimate entertainer.  

  Summer Azul is an Indian mixed French Creole international recording artist born in North America. Growing up, Summer was exposed to various types of environments as well as different genres of music. Shocking people with the ability to speak at only 7 months old, Summer was doted on by every person she encountered.

  Due to the fact that Summer knew that she could entertain people as well as gain much needed attention simply from talking to people, she learned early that this was a gift which she possessed.  Listening to groups like Run DMC and Salt and Pepper, Summer began rapping at the age of 2, amusing everyone that crossed her path with her unheard of abilities. Over the next few years Summer became known as “The little girl who can rap.” and she performed for anyone who would take the time to watch her. Over the years, Summer grew into a fine tuned entertainer and her love for music and acting grew into a career.

  Currently Summer Azul lives in Atlanta, GA. USA, and has recently won the 2011 Awards for “BEST FEMALE MC” as well as “BEST FEMALE ACTRESS“. Through her unmatched ability to remix various styles of music, her hot original tracks, alongside her sultry raspy voice, classy sex appeal and her unique performances, Summer Azul has made a name for herself in the underground circuit, becoming known as the “MIXTAPE QUEEN”. Releasing a new volume of her “Hot Like Summer” mixtape series every few months with hardcore lyrics in English, French as well as Spanish in addition to her Hip Hop influenced Indian, African and Brazilian dance moves, Summer Azul is bringing a whole new style to the music industry.

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