Friday, 31 August 2012

M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Beat-Tape (Now Taking submissions)

Yep you read it right, BEAT-TAPE!!! This time around we focusing on producers cause while i was working on the "M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape" (Download:
) i came across not only rappers but also some dope ass beat-makers and i felt they too deserve a chance to shine.

The Beat tape will be available on the blog for free download and if your beat is selected to be on the compilation i will contact you back to give you a spot on the site with all your info, links, contact details, photo and whatever you feel is necessary for the masses to know about you.

You welcome to send any sound you feel rappers will enjoy spitting on, it can be Crunk, Gangsta, Trap beat, dirty south, Electro, Dancehall, underground, RnB and etc, ITS YOUR CHOICE!!!

Send your beat to:

and remember, no platform is too small..

Thank You in advance!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Draztik feat PdotO - Rims Is Spinnin'

Draztik, Draztik, Draztik (@Draztik_Beats)!!!! Aaaah so far this guy has not disappointed since the first single and he's back again with another one titled "Rims Is Spinnin" alongside the same rapper featured on "Money Man" and "Certify Fireman" Mr BluMurda better known as PdotO (@PdotO1BluMurda).

If you listen to DJ C-Live (@C_live) show HipHop Power Night you probably heard it on the chart, and its there sitting there cause its a hot joint!!!
Can't for the album, i'm defintely getting this one, NO LIE!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Zeus feat Tumi and AKA - DatsWasUp

They like they like Daaaaats WasUp!!! Now when i first heard this joint i was like Ooooooooh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!! Now thats the real hiphop we've been missing out on. All three rappers kicked hot 16's and honestly, i'd really love to see these guys perform this track live just to check out the crowd's response to it.
The song is taken off Zeus "Honey I'm Home" EP. Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nas - Life Is Good (Album Review)

I'm one of those people that judges an album or mixtape because of all the hype around it, i just take a listen to it and have my own opinion about it and you should do the same.
Okay now, i've never been much of a Nas fan and the last album i took a listen to by him was "God Son" and i was still in primary school back then.
So i took a listen to Nas latest offering and its a really good album. It features radio hits like "Daughters", "Bye Baby", "Accident Murderers feat Rick Ross" and my personal favourite "Summer On Smash feat Miguel and Swizz Beatz"..
What i really liked about this album is the fact that its still the same old Nas we know but you can expect to hear that old school and new school sound, which basically means he accomodated EVERYONE on this one. This is something worth having in your CD collection, so make sure you get it!!!

RATING: 7/10

Whats your thought about it?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Zeus and Lomwe (Double Wowza) - Double Wowza

"..They like Wowza Wowza thats a double Wowza.." Haha, this joint has been out for a while new and recieving alot of spins on local radio stations. Gotta show respect to Zeus though, the guy has been putting in work since his hit single "Gijima" taken off his 1st album "Freshly Backed" and throughout the years he gave us some kick ass music, and don't get me started with the lasted song alongside Tumi and AKA "#DatsWasUp".
Props Props Props to Zeus and Lomwe cause one thing we can all agree on is that THIS JOINT IS HEAT!!!!

If you don't have it by now, well here it is:


Ace Hood - Body Bag 2

New Shit!!!


01. Gutta Back
02. Wanna Beez
03. Leggo
04. Let It Go
05. Double Cup feat Bun B and Kirko Bangz
06. Make Ya Famous
07. Don't Get Me Started
08. Greek'n feat Juice Man and Choo Choo
09. 6 Summers
10. Lottory feat Kevin Cossom
11. Flex
12. On My Momma
13. Yeen Bout Dat Life
14. Roseries
15. B.L.A.B (Ballin' Like A Bitch)


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lil Wayne - Dedication 4 (Artwork)

Yep this is what some of yo'll have been waiting for, Weezy revealed the artwork to his upcoming mixtape "Dedication 4 Hosted by DJ Drama". Its coming soon!!!

View Count Down:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jeremih - Late Nights With Jeremih Hosted by DJ Drama & DJ Pharris


01. Skit Intro (Jeremih)
02. Rosa Acosta
03. Fuck All The Time feat Natasha Mosley
04. Outta Control feat Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz
05. Aah Shit feat Fabolous
06. All Over Me feat Sir Michael Rocks
07. Go To The Mo
08. 773 Love
09. Keep It Moving feat Marcus Fench
10. Ladies feat Twista and AK
11. Late Nights (Interlude)
12. Late Nights
13. Girls Go Wild
14. Rated R (The Masterpiece)
15. Feel The Bass
16. Let Me down Easy feat Marcus Fench
17. Knockin' feat YG and E40
18. Letter To Fans feat Willie Taylor


Lloyd Banks - V6: The Gift

This is the lastest mixtape from Banks and i feel like he should push it more cause it has some really dope tracks. Something i don't really understand is his relationship with G-Unit because non of the guys are featured on it, and if you check out 50 Cent's "Lost Tapes" mixtape nor Banks or Yayo are there.
But enough about that, get this mixtape!!!


01. Intro / Rise From The Dirt
02. Sun Of Sin feat Young Chris
03. The Sprint
04. Arms Open
05. We Run The Town feat Vado
06. Protocol
07. Can She Live
08. Bring It Back feat Fabolous
09. Chosen Few feat Jadakiss
10. Gettin' By feat Schoolboy Q
11. Live It Up
12. Money Don't Matter
13. Hate You More
14. Show And Prove
15. Terror Dome


Saturday, 11 August 2012

M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape (Download)

M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape!!!


01. Intro
02. M.G- So fly
03. M.G- Feelin' Real Fresh feat Al El Phuric and Optimus
04. M.G- Welcome to J-Sec
05. Interlude (Al El Phuric)
06. RedKad- Pose
07. Summer Azul- Big Body Chick
08. Khanyi Sile feat Raymond- Getting Money
09. AJ Xpress- Earthquake
10. B. Smeezee- Tear The Club Up
11. Reefa- Hater
12. Floss And Rayza- Bazoba Strong
13. CroxXx- Who Dat
14. M-Forteen- Whole City Behind Us
15. Lil Cardiac feat Flash- No Matter What
16. The Holstar and Teck-Zilla- Moment In The Music
17. M.G- Its My Time feat Al El Phuric, Clayton, Prodical and Inca
18. Summer Azul- Going H.A.M
19. Outro

Mixtape Compiled by. M.G
Mixed and Mastered by. Al El Phuric


About The Mixtape:

Let me start by sending a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who sent their
music for this online mixtape, without you guys it wouldn't be
This is the first of more to come and thanks to the power of the
internet i was able to get submissions from artists all around the
world, i'm talking about Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, UK, ATL and of
course my homeland South Africa.
Not all music i recieved was good because of a number of reasons
although in most cases it was the mixing and mastering.. But in order
for a person to get that rough diamond, he has to dig through the
deepest mines to find and thats what i did.
At first i was only looking for eight songs to feature on it but ended
up picking eleven instead because thats how much heat i recieved. The
tape has a couple of club bangas and feel good music. The list you see
on top are joints that had me playing them on repeat, so make sure you
have them on your playlist cause these are some of the talented
artists we should be keeping our eyes and ears open for.
Download the mixtape and enjoy!

Thank you!!!

And oh, please share the link with your friends.. Peace.

-M.G Exclusive Music

ProSamBeats – Bring It On (Instrumental)

I checked out this beat and I must, I actually liked it. Its one of those club/crunk/dirty south type of shit (if you get my drift). Homeboi sent me a bit of 411 about himself and this what he had to say:

 Young Producer/Rapper/BeatMaker From Mpumalanga In A Town Named Ermelo.. Unsigned .. I Do All Work For My Self . 17 Years Old. For Now Busy With My Mixtape Which Is Coming Out Soon. But For Now Enjoy My Free Beat..

Future feat Diddy and Ludacris - Same Damn Time (Remix)

Now this right here is my favourite song at the moment, a true club banga indeed. I won’t lie to yo’ll but at first I thought it was Waka Flocka cause daym they sound a bit alike (Lol). This is the remix and features Diddy and Luda, I’ve never been much of a Diddy fan but on this joint he nailed it hard!!!! On average I play this joint ten times a day (No Lie!!!), hot music video check it out…

Friday, 10 August 2012

DjSwitch ft ASH - Dirty Dancer

He first gave us "pickAbox" alongside 985, then "Kings Of Tomorrow" feat Hydro, Drew and Kwesta.. Now he's back with a third one "Dirty Dancer" with Ash and to be honest, i heard this song about 3 times on radio and i didn't know it belonged to DJ Switch, i was actually surprised.
This is one of those jams you play in a club or party and sit back to watch the ladies break it down, but anyway the title is self explanatory.. The guy keeps bringing heat though.
So check it out and enjoy!!!


Kwesta feat Da KidX - Boom Shaka Laka

Gaaadaaaaym!!!! Now this is what i call a BANGA.. The beat is on point, the chorus is catchy and lets not even talk about the punchlines. Kwest Mr Cool joined forces with the boi Da KidX to bring us this smash hit and this joint is taken from Kwesta upcoming mixtape #Rally4daKAR and unfortunately this "Free Download" expires on sunday (12 August) 23:59, so hurry up and get on your playlist NOW!!!!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ballin' Wit No Hands (Event)

  • Ballin
    Its Finaly here... The Big number 1
    BALLIN WIT NO HANDS presents
    The official 1st Birthday pardy...

    On the 25th August 2012
    @ Mabuthos pub (Tshiawelo)
    From 7pm till 4:00 am
    Its gna be R30 before 9pm and there after its gna be R50
    V.I.P is available aswell but limited seat are available...

    Food and Drinks will be sold...

    Let's get wit it. Aint nun but a Ballers Pardy...
    Gentlemen let's leave da Swag @ hme nd rock dat Class
    And Ladies glamour will neva go wrong...

    For more info

Friday, 3 August 2012

AKA - Jealousy

New Sh!t!!! Yep, the boi AKA dropped this brand new single but some of yo'll probably heard first on DJ C-Live "Hiphop Power Nights" show.
In my opinion, i like the song for the simple fact that its different and you can tell he's exploring new sounds.
Now the question reminds, is this another next hit?? Well, we'll just have to wait and see..

Get the song and enjoy..