Monday, 20 August 2012

Zeus and Lomwe (Double Wowza) - Double Wowza

"..They like Wowza Wowza thats a double Wowza.." Haha, this joint has been out for a while new and recieving alot of spins on local radio stations. Gotta show respect to Zeus though, the guy has been putting in work since his hit single "Gijima" taken off his 1st album "Freshly Backed" and throughout the years he gave us some kick ass music, and don't get me started with the lasted song alongside Tumi and AKA "#DatsWasUp".
Props Props Props to Zeus and Lomwe cause one thing we can all agree on is that THIS JOINT IS HEAT!!!!

If you don't have it by now, well here it is:


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