Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Nas - Life Is Good (Album Review)

I'm one of those people that judges an album or mixtape because of all the hype around it, i just take a listen to it and have my own opinion about it and you should do the same.
Okay now, i've never been much of a Nas fan and the last album i took a listen to by him was "God Son" and i was still in primary school back then.
So i took a listen to Nas latest offering and its a really good album. It features radio hits like "Daughters", "Bye Baby", "Accident Murderers feat Rick Ross" and my personal favourite "Summer On Smash feat Miguel and Swizz Beatz"..
What i really liked about this album is the fact that its still the same old Nas we know but you can expect to hear that old school and new school sound, which basically means he accomodated EVERYONE on this one. This is something worth having in your CD collection, so make sure you get it!!!

RATING: 7/10

Whats your thought about it?

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