Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flabba- I R (Petrus)

I'm not sure if Flabba was experimenting, playing around, tryin' to break into the afrikaans market with this one or all of the above, but all i know is this is one unique track from what we are use to. After the his debut album "Nkuli vs Flabba" (which i still bump even today), i'm still convince that he'll never drop anything better than that. Its a nice and creative track, plus the hook catchy but we all know he can do better. So i won't judge him from this one song, i'll just have to wait for the full album.

But for now, enjoy the single..


Maggz and L-Tido- On Point

Yep, these two are back at it again with another.. So i won't say much and let the music do the talking!!!


Trompie, PdotO, Spaceman, Explicit and Reason- Bumbdigidi (JHB Remix)

"Get Your Hands Up", now the original version was done a few years ago but only started getting alot of airplay last year. But this time around they back with a remix alongside with some of the dopest local MC's you can find. I don't understand why its call the JHB Remix though cause correct me if i'm wrong but the only Joburg katz on it are Spaceman and Explicit.

Oh well, its a dope track anyway. Check it out..


Generators- FullClip

If you use to listen to Yfm's "Room 69" show with Tholi-B on Wednesdays between 8:00 to 8:30, then you'd be familiar with Generators.
For me this has got to be the most hilarious short story i've ever heard on radio, reason i choose this episode is because hiphop heads who usually listen to the "The FullClip" with Siz 'n Scoop would understand whats happening here, plus what makes it funnier is the fact its local and easy to get the jokes.
You can expect to hear voices from Sizwe Dhlomo, Kwesta and Morale as themselves.

This is basically about a guy (phineas) that decides he wants to go spit a few bars on The FullClip. Check it out right here.. Funny!!!!!


you can even get the rest of the episodes..

Friday, 30 March 2012

Back To The city 2012 Line-up

Artists on stage:
01. HHP
02. AKA
03. Zakwe
04. ProKid
05. Tuks
06. RedButton
07. Zubz
08. L-Tido
09. Morale
10. Substance
11. BlakLez
12. N'Veigh
13. Khanyi Mavi
14. The Federation
15. Siya Shezi
16. Neo Beats
17. 3rd Wave
18. Optical Ill
19. Hymphatic Thabz
20. Robo The Technician
21. Hisham
22. J-Bux
23. Articulate Artist
24. Gini Grindith
25. Social Comentary forum
26. Mtlhati
27. Clu
28. Dot Com
29. Endze The Otherness
30. Kwesta
31. J. Stash
32. Reason
33. Youngsta
34. Illiterate Artist
35. Adisababa
36. Township Frequency
37. Spaza Shop Boys

27 April 2012, Newtown..
See you there!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9- Bad Meets Evil Mixtape

01. Fast Lane
02. Living Proof
03. Tim Westwood Freestyle (feat Mr. Porter)
04. Boys (feat. Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Crooked I and Yelawolf)
05. Writer.g Block
06. Echo (feat. Liv Rodrigues)
07. Scary Movies
08. The One
09. Nothing To Do
10. Bad Meets Evil
11. What The Beat Say (feat. Method Man and DJ Clue)
12. Rock City
13. Renegades (feat. Jay-Z) (Unreleased version)
14. 12 Minute Freestyle (Classic)


Mothipa- Ode to Mary Jane

This is still one of my favourite tracks from Mothipa, when i first heard it i thought it was a song dedicated to a girl because of the classic song he sampled it from, after paying a bit more attention to the lyrics i realised that its about marijuana.. Worse part is, on the chorus he keeps sayin' "You know i love you MARY JANE", how the hell did i not pick that up (I guess i had a blonde moment).
This song spent alot of time on Dj C-Live's Hiphop Power Nights on 5fm last year, he even came through a dropped one hell of a sick verse.

I'ma let you check out the song and give me your views about it, here it is:


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ras, BlakLez and PdotO- Stay Scheming (Cap City Remix)

This is the third Stay Scheming remix i've posted this month alone and i've heard alot more others but i think i'll just stop on this one now..
This time around its a Rap City, Cap City remix and you know these guys never disappoint. So check it out!!!


PdotO- Blu Murda Mixtape


01. Game Over
02. Made Men feat Maggz, Clu and BlakLez
03. Paranoid
04. Take My Time feat J-Lawless
05. Pocket Of Gold feat J-Lawless
06. Run feat BlakLez and Brasco
07. Take My Time 2 feat Midas Touch
08. Ready For Whatever feat BlakLez
09. Get Comfortable
10. Stars feat J-Lawless
11. Kunta feat Ras and Smash
12. So Simple feat Reverb
13. Thanx To All The Haters feat Flex Boogie
14. I Tried
15. Run- All Star Remix
16. Cold Collision feat J-Lawless
17. Grand Stand feat leBoywonda
18. I Get By
19. Fatal Attraction


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

CashTime Fam- Shut It Down (Stundee)

For me, the best verse i heard in 2011 came from this song right here and who else but K.O delivered it nicely. The music video has finally dropped and its lookin' Stundeeee (I wonder if people still use that word).. But anyway go out to nearest store and buy the album "Now or Never", support good music guys!!!!

Here's the hot single if you ain't got it by now..


AKA Feat Maggz, Slikour, JR and Clu- Do It (Remix)

Kiernan Forbes a.k.a AKA (.. Okay, ja neh), i came across this song today which i haven't heard for a while. Its from the 24/7/366 LP and most people would know the single "Do it feat Clu" which created alot of hype for him, well this is remix alongside M.A Double, and JR.
AKA is not some new kid on the block, he's been around since his high school days with the crew Entity and they were know for song "touch N go", all i knew about that sing was the fact that aloooooot of hiphop dance crew used it in their routins, it has a catchy beat.

So for now here's Do it Do it and honestly, i always have verse one of repeat.. Lol


Monday, 26 March 2012

J-Lawless Music:

If you've been living under a rock, sleeping for the past two years or just new to listening to hiphop, and not familiar with J-Lawless music, well here's your chance to catch up. Sick ass delivery i must add.
These are a couple of tracks his on, check em out!!!


BlakLez, PdotO and J-Lawless- Bogus

J-Lawless feat Blaklez- Rain

PdotO, Blaklez and J-Lawless - I Need A Dollar Remix

J-lawless and PdotO -Black n' Blue

PdotO and J-lawless -Crime Wave pt2

PdotO, BlakLez and J-lawless -Plain and Clear

Venim feat PdotO and J-Lawless -Crack Music

Hydro feat Bobby Valentino- Paper Chaser

I don't even wanna say much about this song, all i know is that this boi is making some big moves. Check out his new single and let me know what you think..


But a track i wanna talk about is "Hydro That Guy". Now this is my favourite from him, a real club banga. First time i saw him perform it was on Sabc 1 Live when Young Money member Tyga was in the country.
You don't believe me?? Well take a listen yourself then..

Hydro- That Guy Hydro

Axe-Ray, MaSeven and Sbuda P feat various artists- Bhasopa (Remix)

I was quite suprise to find out that this track has a remix cause the original version alone is already problem. They even go as far as featuring dope rappers like Inco, Spytwo, Etcetera Chippa M, Space and of course Speeka on production.. Go out and get yourself the "DangerBox Mixtape", support good music!!!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Gk feat. Blak Suga & MarazA- Asidlali

I'll be honest, i've never heard of this guy until now. Currently sitting at number 1 for the past 2weeks on the Yfm hiphop Hot9nine. The song has a catchy hook sang by Maraza, a nice beat and all three verses go in.
It deserves to be on that spot..


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rihanna Goes Topless for Video Shoot, Angers Farmer

..News just for interests sake..

Read all about it right here:

4bidden Thought ft. Rebel Inc (Cata-Lust, Eugene Singer and Venim)- Grown Man Business

This right here is one of my favourite hiphop crew this year, 101 Rebel Inc. Now this track made its debut on Zama Dube's show on Yfm 99.2 a few weeks ago, they were actually being interviewed.
These guys are a crew but each working on solo projects and this time around its 4BiddenThought with a track titled "Grown Man Business (GMB part.1)" which means we can expect a part.2? This will be interesting, can't wait..



Don't forget to checkout the 101 Rebel Inc Blog (designed by.. Yes you guessed it, M.G). LETS GO!!!!


Lil Trix feat Blayze- Red, Black and White

Now, most of us first heard this boi on Yfm's Hot9nine hiphop with Siz on a track "..How rappers better than me?.." which i must say was a catchy tune.
2012 he dropped another one thats been on the charts for a couple of weeks now titled "Red, Black and White" along side Blayze. Let me not talk too much and just give yo'll the song..



You can also check out this one thats been on Dj C-Live's HipHop Power Nights charts by Moos and Him called "Trouble".
The boys are really talented!!!

Moos feat Lil Trix- Trouble

Thursday, 22 March 2012

(Hustle and Flow Sound Track) Djay feat Shug- Hard Out Here For A Pimp

"..You know its hard out here for a pimp (you ain't knowin')..
when you tryin' to get this money for the rent (you ain't knowin')..
For the Cadillacs money and gas spent (you ain't knowin')..
Will cause a whole lot of bitches jumping ship (you ain't knowin').. x2"

Like it or not, this has got to be the best song in the whole movie (well, thats just my opinion). The movie premiere in 2005 and its starring Terrence howard, Ludacris, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning and many more..
Nothing but hot music, but for now check out the single "Hard Out Here For A Pimp"..



Whoop That Trick:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lex Luger- Got Instrumentals Mixtape


01. Intro
02. Unreleased Beat
03. Kid Ink- Blackout
04. Fat Trell- Respect Wit The Tech
05. Juicy j- Zip A Double Cup
06. Diddy and Rick Ross- Another One
07. Kid Ink- Blackout
08. AceHood- Real Shit
09. Just Rich Gates- Action Pack
10. Fabolous- Lights Out (I Don't See Nobody)
11. Kanye West and Jay-Z- H.A.M
12. Rick Ross- MC Hammer
13. Sean Teezy- I Got Shit To Do
14. Soulja Boy- Digital
15. Soulja Boy- I'm Boomin
16. Soulja Boy- Let My Swag Get At Ya
17. Soulja Boy- Shoot First Ask Later
18. Soulja Boy- What About My Clientele
19. Tyga and Gudda Gudda- Bad Bitches
20. Snoop Dogg- Platinum (ft R.Kelly)
21. Tyga- Lap Dance
22. Tyga- Like Me
23. Tyga- Well Done
24. Waka Flocka- By The Gun
25. Waka Flocka- Grove St Party
26. Waka Flocka- Fuck Dis Industry
27. Waka Flocka- Lebron Flocka James Intro
28. Waka Flocka- Snakes In The Grass

and many more.. (basically there's 34 instrumentals)


The SA Mark

The South African Mark is a free South african hiphop-oriented website, whose objective is to provide a successful online platform for SA hiphop rappers/lyricists, graffiti artists, dancers (b-boys, pop lockers, Krumpers), hiphop producers, disc jockeys and beat boxers to utilize.
SA hiphop is in its growing stages and most aspiring artists; hiphop dancers and producers are still striving to be well recognized and received around SA, as well as Africa and the rest of the world.

This website is an online platform aimed at displaying SA's talent to the rest of the world.

To get you music feature email your content to
Send your:
* Tracks or download links.
* A picture to be used with the track.
* A brief description of the track.

Artists will be notified by the administrator, Lubabalo Tybosch, as soon as their content is published.

Visit it:

Follow on twitter:

Facebook page:

Monday, 19 March 2012

AKA, Smashis and Da Kid X- Scheming (Lames)

The last time i heard a instrumental being remixed so much by so many rappers was Lil Wayne's "A milli", now its Rick Ross "Stay Scheming" song..
This joint made its debut beginning of the year on C-Live's Hiphop Power Night (Mondays 22:00 - mid-night on 5FM) and a lot of people thought it was a shot to Glitz Gang member L-Tido, which he later said that was not the case.. This time around he teamed up with Cash Time Fam's Smashis and Da Kid X, and they went in on this one.

If you still don't have it, get it right here!!!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Flipside feat 985, RedButton, Kisha and Molly- Isphuzo (Remix)

Flipside, straight outta DK, Soweto.. Its weird that i went to the same high school with some of the members in this crew and didn't know about it until after they completed their matric, plus one of them happens to to Pro-Kid's younger brother.
I first saw them perform this song on Yo-Tv and the funny thing is its a kiddies show but the song is about getting wasted, haha!!!
Well this is the remix, all i know is they sampled a classic South African song but i forgot the artist name cause i was probably 2 or 3 years old when that came out.
I dig the song though, get it!!!!


PdotO feat N'veigh, BlakLez, Maggz, L-Tido and Ras- Run (Remix)

PdotO aka Mr Blu Murda, now when i first heard the beat on this track i just went bananas, it has that dirty south feel to it and to make it worse he does a remix featuring an All Star team.
I've been tryin' to get his "Mind Over Matter" project for a while now, if anyone has the link please hit me with it, i respect this man's work.
But for now get the track right here..


Friday, 16 March 2012

DJ Switch feat 985- pickAbox

Haha.. Now we all know this track was inspired by the MTN ad "Talk more mabebeza, pick a box.. Middle Center" lol..
But you gotta give props to the guys for coming up with this one, its a party song with a catchy hook produced by Psyfo. The music video is tooooo fresh and i can't wait for the next single from Dj Switch cause we only know him for being a DeeJay, B.Boy and TV presenter.

So for now, talk less mabebeza and download the song:

ABcrazy- Man Of The Moment

Rapper, Producer, Composer, Songwriter and.. You know what, this guy is a talented musician, he gets on a track and does EVERYTHING on it himself from production, to singing the hooks, rap the verse and probably mixes and master them too.
Better know as ABcrazy, he's been around way before he dropped the song "Man Of The Moment" (dope music i must say) and later joining CashTime Fam for a minute (literally), then left to continue pushing his solo career.
According to his reverbnation page, ABcrazy was named Mpumalanga's Best Hiphop artist. His first break was when he entered and won Lowveld Pop Idols music competition. He than did his mixtape (Gossip Folks) which was never released.

Well i guess this means we can still expect more music from the homie, but for now here's the song for those who still don't have it, enjoy..


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Da L.E.S- Matte Black

Da L.E.S mr Fresh2Def dropped this hot single last year and i must say its still one of my favourite joints, a true club banga indeed.
I was actually expecting an album from him after this one but hey we'll just have to wait and see.. I guess he was too busy Moving The City with his boi Ish, so if you still don't have the song get it right now!!!

Download Matte Black:

You can also check out the 2nd single titled Incredible:

My Top10 mp3twit Songs

01. Eugene Singer-They Don't Know

02. Clu feat Maggz and Sgebi- HoodRich

03. Niche Fam feat Abdus- Spin around

04. L-Tido- Dedication

05. Da L.E.S and Riky Rick feat Maggz- Better Dayz

06. Slikour and Kwesta- Otis Remix

07. Ifani- Ewe

08. Maraza feat Blak Suga- Watchu Gonna Do

09. Sean Pages feat Maggz- Morale, L-Tido and Teepee- Get It Right Remix

10. Kay-E feat 985, Spy2, F-eezy and Molly- Bona Re Etsang Remix

Whats yours??? Let me know and might put it up..

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

AceHood: Body Bag (Hosted by DJ Infamous)

Ace Hoooooood!!!!
Okay i took a listen to this mixtape and this is just my personal opinion.
Lets start off with track 1 to 14.. You can expect to hear two songs from the album "Gone N Get it" and "Errthang" which i felt they tight tracks. He got on the mixtape and took control because besides him and DJ Infamous, you can only expect to hear T-Pain, Meek Mill and Bali. My favourite song though are "Oh" and "Real Talk" both produced by DJ Montay"..
Now from track 15 to 19. Here he goes with the the concept of the mixtape, Body Bag. In other words he has to kill every beat given to him.
He freestyles on various beats like John, H.A.M, Did it On Em and many Many MANY more, especially on the track "Cosmic Kev"..
Its not a bad mixtape and he closes it off with a nice freestyle he did on Funk Master Flex show.
But thats just my opinion, its a 20 track Mixtape, get it and let me know what you think.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

985- Banga After Banga

Honestly, when i first heard this track on radio i was like "WTF is this???".. A few days later, i found myself singing along to it. Ever since they dropped their first project 'The Landline Mixtape' with the explicit song "utlwa", they've been really been dropping Banga After Banga.

Its a hot song, if you don't have it by now, well here it is:


N'Veigh and BlakLez (The Anvils)- Pow Pow

Cap City Rap City Stand Up!!!!!

I don't even wanna say much about this joint, THIS IS HEAT!!!

Get it now..


Ifani Mixtape

Correct me if i'm wrong but this mixtape came out over a year ago and what i like about it is the fact Ifani has a unique style of rap from his delivery, funny lyrics, catchy hooks, and its all in Xhosa.
Most people know him from the song "Ewe" which got him a lot of recognition in the industry (Shout out to C-Live for recognising talent). The mixtape is divided into 3 quarters, the first part is CRENK & CRUNK and funny enough its mostly tracks that he's featured on. 2nd part MIXTAPE FOR YOU, here he's ridding on some international beats like Young Money's Roger Dat and on this one he's along side Blak Suga, plus my personal favourite Ice Cream feat Lil Wayne, which gives you an idea how these guys would sound if they really did collaborate on a joint. And the last past is ICOLLABO, which are tracks he's featured on.
There's also the song 'Zizo Beda' (some of yo'll might know it, came out last year).

14 track mixtape, get it..

Ifani Hay'mani!!!!!


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DotCom- Hatin On D

Gcina "DotCom" Nkula.. The Rapper/Singer/Dancer dropped his first single "Get Mine" in 2011 along with a music video, the song got some airplay on tv and radio stations, even hitting the number 1 spot on C-Live's Hiphop Power Nights on 5fm.
Begining of the year he dropped a music video for his second single "Hatin On D" and to be honest, some people like it and others are just hatin' on D (Lol).. My opinion, i like the song and i've been bumping it for a while now its a banga!!!!!

So if you still searching for it, don't worry you can get it right here.. And if not, nah why you hatin on D, chill!?


Monday, 5 March 2012

50 Cent- The Big 10 Mixtape

You know, i haven't listen to 50's music since the Curtis Album cause i felt it didn't live up to the same standard as "The Massacre" and "Get Rich or Die Tryin" album.
And lately i've been hearing about how dope are some of the mixtapes he's been droppin' (well, that what his loyal fans told me) and this one happens to be one of them.
So i decided to download it and take a listen to it, and i must say its well put together (12 tracks). His still on gangsta rap tip with songs like "Niggas Be Scheming", "Shooting Guns" and raw street track "Stop Crying". My least favourite joint is "Nah Nah Nah feat Tony Yayo" but all and all, its worth a listen.

Thats my just my opinion though, check it out and let me know what you think..


Draztik- Money Man Feat BlakLez, PDot O, Maggz and Marlon

We all know him for being a producer at Unreleased Records making music with artists like Cashless Society, Young Nations, F-eezy, Imbube, Whosane and so on. To our suprise he came out saying he is working on his album and thats when he dropped the single "Chasin Money" (you can check out the music video on youtube) along side Whosane, which was on a couple of radio hiphop charts like C-Live's Hiphop Power Nights on 5fm and Yfm's Hotnine with Siz.
The second single did not disappoint at all seeing it also featured the dopest katz in the game and they all went in hard on this one, Draztik included seeing most of us never heard him rap.

This song came out last year but for those who still don't have it, here you go:


Sunday, 4 March 2012

L-Tido and Maggz- Stay Dreamin'

I've heard alot of remixes of Rick Ross feat Drake and French Montana- Stay Schemin' song and out of all of them this is one of my favourites by Tido and M.A Double. This single dropped early February, Plus i heard they could be working on a joint mixtape but i don't know how true is that, we'll just have to wait and see..

So for those who are still searching for it well look no feather, here it is.


Sent from my Nokia phone

Nicki Minaj vs Lil Kim rap Battle cartoon

Hahaha.. Now this is a hilarious animated video of Black Barbie going
up against Queen Bee, it kinda gives you an idea of the state hiphop
is in right now and how much it has changed over the years.

Check it out, its funny.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Meek Mill- Dream chaser

Okay look, when you listen to Meek Mill the first thing you will
notice is, HE IS LOUD!!! *haha*.. Homie makes sure you get the message
Now i know some of yo'll probably got this mixtape already cause it
came out a few months ago but for those who don't its cool, here's
your chance. Meek Mill created alot of noise with the song "I'ma Boss"
along side Rick Ross and since then he's been unstoppable, even being
the first Indie artist to make it on the Album Charts in years proves
he really is chasing his dreams.
On this mixtape he teamed up with Dj Drama and although it have a lot
of features, you can expect some real banging tracks like "I'ma Boss
feat Rick Ross", "House Party feat Young Chris" and a cool chilled out
song titled "Middle of Da Summer feat Mel Love" will sure have you
bumpin' your head to it.

Its a 19 track mixtape and i really think is deserves a listen, so
check it and let me know you think..


Sbuda P (Awe Gazi) new single:

This guy never disappoints and he's back at it again putting Soweto on
the map with the 1st single from his up coming mixtape, the track is
titled Ekas Lam (Produced by Dynamic).


Friday, 2 March 2012

Submission Deadline For The Mixtape

Send your song to:
(Slots are still available)

For the "M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1: Online Mixtape Droppin' end of march..

Submission deadline: 4 March 2012

NB: It doesn't matter if you spitting on an international beat or your
own, as long as its hot!!!

follow me on twitter and i'll do the same @MG2Fresh

FaceBook Page:

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dj Fletch- Young Money Billionaires (Hosted By Lil Chuckee)

This right here is for the young money die hard fans, apart from the
fact that its a 40 track mixtape means you can expect everyone under
the label to be on it.
Even though it has some tracks you've already heard on radio such as
"Nicki Minaj- Stupid hoe", "Bow Wow feat Lil Wayne- Sweat" and my
personal favourite at the moment "Tyga feat Lil Wayne- Faded".. You
can expect a whole lot of Remixes on the tape like "The Motto by Drake
feat Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Tyga".. "She Will
feat Young Jeezy, T.I, Lil Wayne, Lil Chuckee and Rick Ross", Round of
Applause by Waka Flocka and Dance Ass by Big Sean just to mention a
few remixes.

So if Young Money's music is more of your thing, then you might wanna
add this to you collection.
Get it here and let me know what you think!!