Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ifani Mixtape

Correct me if i'm wrong but this mixtape came out over a year ago and what i like about it is the fact Ifani has a unique style of rap from his delivery, funny lyrics, catchy hooks, and its all in Xhosa.
Most people know him from the song "Ewe" which got him a lot of recognition in the industry (Shout out to C-Live for recognising talent). The mixtape is divided into 3 quarters, the first part is CRENK & CRUNK and funny enough its mostly tracks that he's featured on. 2nd part MIXTAPE FOR YOU, here he's ridding on some international beats like Young Money's Roger Dat and on this one he's along side Blak Suga, plus my personal favourite Ice Cream feat Lil Wayne, which gives you an idea how these guys would sound if they really did collaborate on a joint. And the last past is ICOLLABO, which are tracks he's featured on.
There's also the song 'Zizo Beda' (some of yo'll might know it, came out last year).

14 track mixtape, get it..

Ifani Hay'mani!!!!!


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