Monday, 5 March 2012

Draztik- Money Man Feat BlakLez, PDot O, Maggz and Marlon

We all know him for being a producer at Unreleased Records making music with artists like Cashless Society, Young Nations, F-eezy, Imbube, Whosane and so on. To our suprise he came out saying he is working on his album and thats when he dropped the single "Chasin Money" (you can check out the music video on youtube) along side Whosane, which was on a couple of radio hiphop charts like C-Live's Hiphop Power Nights on 5fm and Yfm's Hotnine with Siz.
The second single did not disappoint at all seeing it also featured the dopest katz in the game and they all went in hard on this one, Draztik included seeing most of us never heard him rap.

This song came out last year but for those who still don't have it, here you go:


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