Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rec Rymer

Name: Rec Rymer feat. KlappaHeiz
Song: Thornpark.


Name: Fabian Doroba AKA Rec Rymer.
Age: 23
Rec Rymer was born in Zambia but grew up in South Africa.
His passion for music was discovered at the age of 6 years old.
He began rapping in 2006, and through the hard work and creativity he put into every song he did, it was just a matter of time until he started gaining hype in the music industry.
His biggest hip hop influential rappers were 50 cent, Nas, 2pac, BIG, Jay z.

He then dropped his first mixtape in 2010 called "The Take Off Mixtape" Vol.1 #DownloadLink .

in 2011 he got signed to a Record label called EFI MEDIA,based in Zambia.
Rec Rymer has worked with many artists such as "KlappaHeiz, RickyRik, StanB, IlLBarz, Krytic, ER, Camstar, AshtonNokeri, SoniqAviator, etc.
He is currently working on his EP called "The Commercial Break".

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Twitter: @boyrymer
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Facebook: Rec Rymer

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