Saturday, 2 March 2013


TouHX (pronounced tux or tucks) aka Da Taxxman
real name Thabo Dlamini rapper/beat maker/songwriter, genre hip hop/ new
age. Born and raised in Tembisa South Africa .

 TouHX started rapping at
the tender age of 18, attending and participating in numerous street
ciphers and local shows at local events clubs and talent shows concerts it wasn't until (2010) that he and Theology co-founder of The HD Music Group started recording TouHX’s first
The EP featured a variety of artists also under the HD umbrella such as  Vuyiswa,
 Paul B, Sk of HD Squard (pronounced HD Squad)and  Theology on production, co-producing TouHX’s first smash single titled Girls Around Da World which featured Paul B .
The single would further go on to debut on Gauteng’s hottest frequency YFM,  which propelled the young artist to even greater heights, landing him countless interviews on tv (MTtv) and magazines(SAhiphop) and co-operate deals with recording labels which see the young star building a successful career.

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