Saturday, 2 March 2013


I'm Fatir, a 17 year old aspiring producer, from Roselle, New Jersey but currently in Wilmington, NC. I would say my style varies ALOT but at the end of the day it's all me.

I could be doing something more towards the pop side similar to Stargate, or something more soulful like a throwback Kanye West, or 9th wonder type thing, or even on some completely bogus next level unheard of weirdness style relating more to Timbaland and Hudson Mohawke.
You can easily hear in my body of work that its diverse and that's a direct correlation of my lifestyle and how i grew up. I'm extremely interested into working with actual artist that has a vision for the project or track as opposed to just working with a rapper, which is fine too at the end of the day. I'm happy with getting a beat off to a artist when i'm involved with the production of the song so i know where my beats going, who's using them and if it turns up on a mixtape or album or not. But what makes me even happier is doing a whole body of work for a artist and seeing the whole thing through because i feel in today's time with production it's more of who has the hits? (of course me) but it changes the role of actually getting alot of leg work done and it becomes okay you have X amount of dollars? cool, take this beat. boom. Then the artists body of work tends to sound like a mesh of non flowing songs. Although at the end of the day money is money, thats just my preference.

Want to hear more of my sound? listen to my latest beat tape "GOOD Beat Tape by Fatir" or follow me on twitter @KingFatir for all my new shit. 

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