Friday, 8 March 2013


 I've listened to HipHop since forever cause my older brother was a HipHop head. He helped me write my first poem at the age of 13. I made a few classics along the way but my music started taking the shape I want when I was 17 and in matric. When I was 18 I already knew the sound I wanted to do and I strived to find the uniqueness within it and I wanted some form of originality.

I've never been a recording artist, I was just a writer and I concentrated hard on improving my craft in terms of writing. I used instrumentals to shape my music cause I always struggled to find a group of people with the same aim and taste music wise. I turned 21 last month on the 22 of February, so all music I've written was when I was 20 and before. Last year I got introduced to Dizz the host of the HipHop Urban Brew called The Hub. My consistency made me the residence MC at NWU fm 105.5.  Since well I don't have anywhere to record my music, I'm driven to always use instrumentals to improve my craft and make as many tracks as I can. My writing has developed a lot because I can write in both Setswana and English and any type of music I can set my mind to. I've never been expose to many performance, and any little platform I got I killed it, but now I'm in a point where I need them in order to grow further from my current position as an artist.

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