TV Appearance

Photo: M.G On Jam Alley 17 September 2010

Like most people that have been on the show i was just chillin’ at home the other day and came across it while channel hopping and I was like uhmmmm, I can do this..!! So I sent an SMS to them but about three days later I broke my cellphone and had to struggle without one for over two weeks. By the time I finally got a new one and insert my sim card in it, I found a message letting me know the time and venue of the audition but the problem was the auditons already took place the weekend before, basically I was too late.

I then sent a secoud SMS and got a reply a month later that said I had to be at the auditions at 8am. So I got my ass up early in the morning, took a cab and got there at 8:45 (African Time) Lol. There was already about a hundred people and funny enough I wasn’t nervous at all cause I knew my joint was hot (I Run This, Taken from the Target Practice Mixtape). People started coming in and the next thing I knew it was a full house and out of all those hundreds of people, they were only looking for 12 contastants. Although I was called 3hours later, time went by fast because if you watch all these talent search shows on television then you probably have an idea how hilarious some of the people that audtionded, just a whole of chance takers!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of love from the people during my performance and when I left I felt confident about it.

The following day I was with my mom when I received a call from the producers letting me know I was selected to be on the show, I think my mom was more excited than I was. They told me I had to come for rehearsals the next day (Monday) at 11am and I was given simple directions to get there. Monday came and this is where I really F’d up, they told me the RedPepper Studios are at Boskop (in the North of JHB), but I made a mistake and too a cab to Boksburg (in the East JHB). I was lost and had been searching for this damn place for over 2hours now. Until I pulled out a piece of paper in my pocket where I wrote the address and realised I had a blonde moment. I knew i was 3hours late but I still decided to go and explain myself, to my surprise they were cool about it but made me rehearse alone.

I wish I can give you each and every single detail but that would take forever, all I can tell you in short is:
*It was a long ass hard day, but fun.
*Psyfo was the judge for my episode,
*I freestyled and took 1st place
*Walked away with over 3 grand

And yes, after the show one of those girls walked up to me and asked for 50 bucks.. Talk about hustlin’ a hustler  Lol

*One thing I like about the photo you see above is back when I was doing grade 8 my teacher asked us to draw a picture of what we would love to do someday, and that’s what I pretty much drew.. you could say that young boy’s picture came alive!!!!*

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