Monday, 29 October 2012

Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom (Music Video)

Haha one thing I really like about these guys is fact that THEY DON’T GIVE A SH!T!!!! They just make the music and keep it movin’.. The music video is taking shots at Lady Gaga in her meat dress while roaming the streets of SA (which she’ll be at end of the year).. But hey, please don’t get it twisted, we don’t walk around town with Lions, leopards, elephants etc .. They just did it to make the music video more comical.. Lol
So check it out..

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fabolous - The Soul Tape 2 (Artwork and Release date)

Anyone that knows me will tell you i'm a huge Fabolous fan, i literally play his music every single day, yes EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!! Sick flow, dope delivery and smart word play all day..
Well its said Loso is soon to drop a new mixtape title "The Soul Tape 2" (22 November 2012) and hell yeah i can't wait for that sh!t.
If this tape can top his previous one "There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes In 3's" then in my world, he's a legend..

Check out the countdown:

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sil feat Prolific Miz and Reverb360 - Paper (Remix)

I've been hearing this song on the Yfm HipHop Hot9nine for the past couple of weeks, but this week i set down and took a careful listen to it and daym, it goes in a lil sumthin' serious!!!!
The song is produced by Dynamic and yo'll know he always kills it on production, so check it and see what i mean..


Profile: CYA "UyaZi"

My names are Siyabonga Abel Mngomezulu, born in this place called Ermelo (Mpumalanga).
I started rapping/singing at the age of 16 that was in 2009. I go by the name CYA, which is a name kinda related to my name before i created the meaning of CoverYourA**..

aaaar.. People be asking me if "UYAZI" is my surname or something..
And No! Is my slogan that makes me unique from other rappers/singer.

GQ are my partners in crime whom i started this rap game with.
So far i've managed to work with the following rappers/artists:

* Easy Beez - JHB
* McFab - MP
* S_bo - MP
* Sincere - JHB
* Profsam - MP
* Anthology - MP
* DopeJam Records - MP
* Killer A - MP
* Globe Trotter - MP
* LilyChamp - MP
* Tea Pee

For bookings and collaborations contact me:

Cell: 084 342 6971


How to get my music?


Dankie! _UyaZi

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Game - Jesus Piece album (Controversial Artwork)

Okay okay okay when i first saw The Game's fifth studio album artwork which is said to be dropping december, i was really disappointed cause if you compare it to his 4 previous covers (The Documentary, Doctor's Advocate, LAX and The R.E.D album), personally its the worst shit i've ever seen.
Apart from it being sooooo colourful there are things on it i bet religious people might find negative or offensive (as usual).
In the title "Jesus Piece" the S is written as a 5 to indicate its his 5th studio album (Je5us Piece), its a black Jesus wearing a red bandana on the bottom half of his face and wearing a Jesus piece around his neck, plum trees and weed signs in the background..

For me, i ain't feeling the DESIGN.. But you let me know what you think about it, should he go ahead with it or come up with something better???

Side Effex (Producer): Searching for rapper to work with

If you're a serious and talented undiscovered hiphop artist then you probably should be reading this.
Producer Side Effex is giving you the opportunity to work with him on a mixtape in his studio, basically this is what he said:

".. I'm looking for one unsigned rapper to work with.
I'm not signing but investing in him/her and i'll produce a mixtape for you, plus use my connections to get you out there.."

So please send your tracks or download links to:



Whatsapp: 083 370 6720

Facebook: Gift Side Effex Nkosi

Twitter: @SideEffex

Side Effex has worked with the likes of:

Ifani (Latest single "Shake"), 985, Jub Jub, J Stash, Young Hungry, Brown Dash, Sash Man, General GTZ, TeePee, DJ Mbuso, Kay E, DJ Fresca, Gwaaiza and many more..

And like i keep saying "No platform is too small", so take this one and run with it!!!!

Please spread the word with your Facebook and Twitter friends.. Thanks!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Wiz Khalifa - Cabin Fever 2 Hosted by DJ Holiday

This is what i'm currently listening to..

Latest mixtape from Wiz Khalifa..


01. Bout Me feat Problem and Iamsu!
02. Fucc Shit feat Menace
03. MIA feat Juicy J
04. Pacc Talk feat Juicy J and Problem
05. Ridin Round feat Juicy J
06. Smokin Drink feat Problem
07. Stu feat Problem
08. Bout That
09. I'm Feeling feat Problem, J.R Donato and Juicy J
10. Deep Sleep
11. 100 Bottles feat Problem
12. Thuggin' feat Chevy Woods and Lavish
13. Tweak Is Heavy
14. Nothing Like The Rest feat French Montana


E-Jay - The City (Prod. By Street Carnivore)

I'm really digging this joint and its currently playlisted on GoodHope fm and also debut on the "M.G Exclusive Top5" chart at No.4 (On The HipHop Brew hosted by @DizzBGF, saturdays at 7pm, NWU fm 105.5).


Artist Bio:

E-JAY is an Angolan born, song writter, producer, born on the 5th May 1991. Grew up in Cape Town but currently in JHB whereby his music career began.
Mostly known as the front man and founder of his ex music crew "Ghetto Prophecy". He made his breakthrough when his first single titled "Da Hardest" got airplay on Yfm.

Currently working on his first solo mixtape which is due to be released 12 december 2012 titled "The Decision".
He has been interviewed on Yfm with his past crew, Top 40 single Metro fm and Yfm with the single "Oh My", collabo with artists such as Maraza, Ghetto Prophecy, Purple Hearts and many more

Twitter: @E-JAY_CPT
Facebook: E-Jay
Reverbnation: E-JAY

N'veigh - Big Boy Game

Cap City Rap City Stand Up!!!! Yep its a new one from N'veigh and you know this guy never disappoints.. But anyway when is the 7:30 album coming out??? I just in hope its not going to take longer than Dre's Detox..

But for now check out this banga of a track. Enjoy!


Monday, 8 October 2012

4FRONT - Sesifikile

Okay now these guys music is really starting to grow on me, i mean from their first single "We Nice" which had that cheesy crunk sound to their follow up song "LOCO" where they mixed it up with that nigerian sound, IMPRESSIVE!!!!
Now they've got something new for us titled "Sesifikile" and yes i agree with them, they have arrived.. So make sure you get it, and enjoy!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Rick Ross - The Black Bar Mitzvah Hosted by MMG and Spiff TV (Artwork)

Yeeeah babe, the big boss is about to drop a new mixtape 8 October titled "The Black Bar Mitzvah" and hell yeah i'm looking forward to that sh!t. After listening to the "Rich Forever" mixtape its safe to say Rick Ross kinda raised the bar for himself too high and in my opinion his album didn't do it that much for me, but there are a few joints i enjoyed though..
Anyway check out the countdown and get it the second this drops!!!!


Kaysoul feat MX and 101 Rebel Inc - Zwakala

Its been sitting on the Yfm Hiphop Hot 9nine charts for a couple of weeks now, coming from 101 Rebel Inc's RnB soul artist Kaysoul. These guys keep bringing us good music, so make sure you get this onto your playlist..



Don't be greedy, please share the link with your Facebook and Twitter friends.. Haha

Monday, 1 October 2012

AKA - jealousy (Music Video)

The is a really hot song, dope beat and fresh video.. Whats the hating for??????