Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Game - Jesus Piece album (Controversial Artwork)

Okay okay okay when i first saw The Game's fifth studio album artwork which is said to be dropping december, i was really disappointed cause if you compare it to his 4 previous covers (The Documentary, Doctor's Advocate, LAX and The R.E.D album), personally its the worst shit i've ever seen.
Apart from it being sooooo colourful there are things on it i bet religious people might find negative or offensive (as usual).
In the title "Jesus Piece" the S is written as a 5 to indicate its his 5th studio album (Je5us Piece), its a black Jesus wearing a red bandana on the bottom half of his face and wearing a Jesus piece around his neck, plum trees and weed signs in the background..

For me, i ain't feeling the DESIGN.. But you let me know what you think about it, should he go ahead with it or come up with something better???

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