Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rick Ross- Rich Forever Mixtape

Honestly, i'm not much of a Rick Ross fan but Gaddaym this mixtape is
on point you'd swear its an album.
It kicks off with a sick ass track titled "Holy Ghost" featuring Diddy
and the hook goes something like 'They say i'm getting money, it must
Illuminati.. Talking to the holy ghost, in my Buggatti..".
And going through the tape i can tell he put in time and work into it.
The album.. Oops i mean mixtape has some real banging tracks such as
"F@ck em feat Wale and 2 Chainz" (my personal favourite), "Off the
boat feat French Montana Lex Luger" and yes off course how can
i forget Staaaaaay Scheeeeeming along side Drake and ya French Montana
Apart from him you can expect more artists such Birdman, Meek Mill,
John Legend, Kelly Rowland, Nas and many more. So basically this is a
must have and plus hey, for a free mixtape this is really good music..

But thats just my opinion though, take a listen to it and tell me what think!!



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Fabolous- There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3's (Hosted by Dj Drama)

After listening to There Is No Competition 2: Funeral Service (2010)
and i heard he was about to drop a third one, i was excited as a kid
in a candy store but when i finally got it i was like "eeeeeh, okay
this is not bad." One of the reasons that made me not like it much was
because it was TOOOOOO PERFECT (as they say, Too much of a good thing
is bad).
It took me about a month to warm up to this tape cause if you listen
to Loso's previous mixtapes normally the quality is not so great you'd
swear he recorded them in a garage or bedroom but this time around i
give him a 10 out of 10 for production and plus he's still on that
punchline, laid back flow and sounding too niiiiicccccccee!!!!!
I dig every track here more specially "Spend it feat Trey Songz",
"Black City" (Taken from Tyga's Rack City Joint), "She Did It", "Got
That Work" infect THE WHOLE MIXTAPE expect "Get Down" because i felt
Lloyd Banks verse was really weak and different from what we use to.
Its a 15 Track mixtape and there's a hidden track after ridding on
Drake's Lord Knows beat.
You can expect to hear artist such as Red Cafe, JadaKiss, Styles P,
Meek Mill and more.

But thats just my opinion, get it and tell me what you think:


Ludacris- "1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time"

This has got to be one of my favourite mixtapes i enjoyed it alot from
production, concepts, creativity and of course Luda's punchlines,
delivery and flow on each track.
If you listen to it from track 5 to 7 it sounds like he's taking shots
at Big Sean and Drake because of that whole twitter beef and hash tag
rap style thing, and to be honest he killed em cause he had evidence
about what he's talking about.
My favourite tracks on the mixtape is "Say it to my face feat Meek
Mill" and Do Sumting strange feat The big boss Rick Ross". You can
expect to hear a whole lot of bangas plus artists such as Wiz Khalifa
(and yeah you've guessed it, the song is about getting high), Waka
Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz and many more..

But thats just my opinion, get it here and tell me what you think.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

101 Rebel Inc

Shout out to 101 Rebel Inc, the guys are really make waves on the
streets and radio charts, be sure to check out their blog and download
the music too.


The deadline for submissions is 4 march 2011. I'll go through ALL the
tracks again, select all the songs that have made it and notify the
artists by email.
So i'd like to thank everyone thats sent through their music, keep up
the hustle!!!!