Saturday, 2 March 2013


My real names are Siyabonga Mngomezulu, Born in this place called
Ermelo (Mpumalanga)... Uhmm I started rapping/singing from the age of
15 that was 2009, but then i started to take it all serious as from
late 2010.

I Go By The Stage Name CYA, Which Is A Name Kinda Related To My Real
Name Before I Created The Meaning CoverYourA**. . .

Arrr... People Be Asking If "UyaZI" Is My Surname Or Something...

And No! It’s My Slogan That Makes Me Unique From Other Rappers/Singers

...GQ Are My Partners In Crime Whom I Started This Hiphop Game With.

So Far I've Managed To Work With The following Rappers/Artists:

*Easy Beez - GP
*McFab - MP
*Dr Dream - MP
*S_bo - MP
*Sincere - GP
*Profsam - MP
*Anthology - MP
*Killer A - MP
*Globe Trotter - MP
*NyamboFlava - MP
*Yenus Production - MP
*Kapitaal - GP
*SiL - GP
*Dr Tragik - GP
*Live Wire - GP
*Maximum - GP
*SwatieKhingKhong - GP
*Weza - KZN
*Mr Zetman - EC
*P Master L - KZN

. . .And I'm Willing To Work With More Artists From Different Places.

I Get All The Inspiration From The Likes Of F'eezy, MickeyM, Eugene
Singer and More.

So Far I'm NOT With Anyone, Still On My Grind All Days.

For Bookings/Collaborations Contact

Cell : 0843426971
E-mail :
Twitter : @CYA_UyaZI

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