Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DotCom- Hatin On D

Gcina "DotCom" Nkula.. The Rapper/Singer/Dancer dropped his first single "Get Mine" in 2011 along with a music video, the song got some airplay on tv and radio stations, even hitting the number 1 spot on C-Live's Hiphop Power Nights on 5fm.
Begining of the year he dropped a music video for his second single "Hatin On D" and to be honest, some people like it and others are just hatin' on D (Lol).. My opinion, i like the song and i've been bumping it for a while now its a banga!!!!!

So if you still searching for it, don't worry you can get it right here.. And if not, nah why you hatin on D, chill!?


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