Tuesday, 27 March 2012

AKA Feat Maggz, Slikour, JR and Clu- Do It (Remix)

Kiernan Forbes a.k.a AKA (.. Okay, ja neh), i came across this song today which i haven't heard for a while. Its from the 24/7/366 LP and most people would know the single "Do it feat Clu" which created alot of hype for him, well this is remix alongside M.A Double, Slikour.com and JR.
AKA is not some new kid on the block, he's been around since his high school days with the crew Entity and they were know for song "touch N go", all i knew about that sing was the fact that aloooooot of hiphop dance crew used it in their routins, it has a catchy beat.

So for now here's Do it Do it and honestly, i always have verse one of repeat.. Lol


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