Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lloyd Banks - V6: The Gift

This is the lastest mixtape from Banks and i feel like he should push it more cause it has some really dope tracks. Something i don't really understand is his relationship with G-Unit because non of the guys are featured on it, and if you check out 50 Cent's "Lost Tapes" mixtape nor Banks or Yayo are there.
But enough about that, get this mixtape!!!


01. Intro / Rise From The Dirt
02. Sun Of Sin feat Young Chris
03. The Sprint
04. Arms Open
05. We Run The Town feat Vado
06. Protocol
07. Can She Live
08. Bring It Back feat Fabolous
09. Chosen Few feat Jadakiss
10. Gettin' By feat Schoolboy Q
11. Live It Up
12. Money Don't Matter
13. Hate You More
14. Show And Prove
15. Terror Dome


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