Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lil Cardiac

Available on:
"M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 mixtape"

Artist: Lil Cardiac feat Flash
Song: No Matter What

This was one of the first bunch of tracks i recieved, the production on the joint is hella nice, the hook is on point and dude got on and rapped his heart out.
The songs basically talks about not giving up no matter what and i really digged it cause it was different from what i normally come across, but enough about that you'll hear the track yourself.. Here's a bit of 411 about the boi:

Itumeleng "E2" Mokoena (Lekalakala) also known by my stage name  Lil' Cardiac (CarDeezy or CarDeezy_Rawyal) born 09 February 1991 CEO and Co-founder of Rawyal Swagg Fam/Ent and Co-founder of NerD clothing. Was born in Johannesburg but bred in Warmbaths. Found
my love for rap in 2007 by spending time with my friends in the studio and doing some hip hop dancing. I used to spend most on my time in the studio, like I worked 9-5.

Music has been part of my life since forever. OK well i first started as a Rapper and helping my boy produce unsigned rappers, i started producing when I was  17 yrs old. My path as a artist & also a brand started in 2009 when i was featured in Eclipsis Fam song called Swagg on fire. Then since then I started pursing my solo career in 2011 releasing song such as "Remember when, Ain't gotta cry, When I come home" which were produced by myself and Runna. 2010 my friends decided to open a record label by the name Warehouse Nation Records/Ent(WNe) which I only joined in 2011. Join WNe is the best decision I've ever made as I reunited with friends.

Through the progress of my music career thus far I've had the privilege to produce amazing music from albums, mixtapes, colabs, one hit wonders &
singles. I've worked with many artists & singers such as T-money(WNe), DmedZ(WNe), D Trip, Profit, Anna, Flash, Young Stash Cash, NBK, Eclipsis Fam, Dj Prince, Dj Pheonix(WNe), DaViglio, Stagi, Chelsea.

2012 I'm going to be work with Warehouse Nation Records/Ent(WNe) on the Genesis Mixtape which will be coming out on 12-04-12 including artist such as CarDeezy, T-money, Dj Pheonix and DmedZ, I'm also planning to finish my solo mixtape. Well we gonna keep doing what we do best which is making music, spending time in the  kitchen (studio) with DmedZ and Dj Pheonix cooking up some dope beats and make a name for us.

Thank you to all my fans and supporters please keep tuning in our website for more music
You can get a few of my tracks at - tell 'em - Victory

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