Saturday, 11 August 2012

M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape (Download)

M.G Exclusive Music Vol.1 Mixtape!!!


01. Intro
02. M.G- So fly
03. M.G- Feelin' Real Fresh feat Al El Phuric and Optimus
04. M.G- Welcome to J-Sec
05. Interlude (Al El Phuric)
06. RedKad- Pose
07. Summer Azul- Big Body Chick
08. Khanyi Sile feat Raymond- Getting Money
09. AJ Xpress- Earthquake
10. B. Smeezee- Tear The Club Up
11. Reefa- Hater
12. Floss And Rayza- Bazoba Strong
13. CroxXx- Who Dat
14. M-Forteen- Whole City Behind Us
15. Lil Cardiac feat Flash- No Matter What
16. The Holstar and Teck-Zilla- Moment In The Music
17. M.G- Its My Time feat Al El Phuric, Clayton, Prodical and Inca
18. Summer Azul- Going H.A.M
19. Outro

Mixtape Compiled by. M.G
Mixed and Mastered by. Al El Phuric


About The Mixtape:

Let me start by sending a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who sent their
music for this online mixtape, without you guys it wouldn't be
This is the first of more to come and thanks to the power of the
internet i was able to get submissions from artists all around the
world, i'm talking about Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, UK, ATL and of
course my homeland South Africa.
Not all music i recieved was good because of a number of reasons
although in most cases it was the mixing and mastering.. But in order
for a person to get that rough diamond, he has to dig through the
deepest mines to find and thats what i did.
At first i was only looking for eight songs to feature on it but ended
up picking eleven instead because thats how much heat i recieved. The
tape has a couple of club bangas and feel good music. The list you see
on top are joints that had me playing them on repeat, so make sure you
have them on your playlist cause these are some of the talented
artists we should be keeping our eyes and ears open for.
Download the mixtape and enjoy!

Thank you!!!

And oh, please share the link with your friends.. Peace.

-M.G Exclusive Music

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