Monday, 9 April 2012

F-eezy's diss tracks to Amu

Haha its funny how rappers always beef over the smallest things, weather its because of a facebook status, a tweet, who's flow is better, which hood you from, you took a photo with a nigga's girl or anything like that, in hiphop there will always to beef big or small.
In most cases the people on the sideline (fans) always hype it up.

I don't even think Amu replied to these, he just simply ignored it..

F-eezy ft Maraza, Chucky's Bride, Sk. Captain - Hlokolozu Amu


Amu feat Mr Selwyn by F-eezy- Loliwe


F-eezy feat Chucky's Bride - Amen (I mean Amu)


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