Monday, 7 May 2012

DJ Fanatic Presents: The Exclusives ft AKA


01. 5FM Freestyle (G.O.O.D Morning)- AKA
02. PESO feat AKA Reason
03. BMF- AKA
04. Ima Boss- AKA
05. Benylin (Way Too Cold Remix)- AKA feat Reason
06. Schemin'- AKA feat Smashis and DaKid X
07. Conglomerate- AKA
08. I'm Ill- AKA
09. Don't Stop AKA feat Khuli Chana

First off congradulations to AKA for walking away with the best urban street album and best male award at the SAMA's.. I had my money on him, i knew he was gone take it.

Okay now back to this mixtape, its a nine track in case you didn't notice. It took me about 5minutes to go through all of it, one of the reason is i know some of the joints because he dropped them about a year ago and also the quality just didn't do it for me, i kinda felt like my ears were being fed left overs (if you know what i mean).
But i actually took a second listen to it and its not bad, its a really a MIXTAPE!!!!!

Check it out right here..


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