Monday, 28 May 2012

MT Venacular Mc- Bazogcwala

I'll be real with yo'll, i didn't know this guy had a solo project cause the last time i heard him on a song was on that Mickey-M mixtape where he even produced alot of the joints..
So here's a funny story, a few months ago i was at Ghandi Square waiting for someone, so i look on my left and i see about 6 guys going crazy over a CD which one of them was holding in his hand.. So i take a closer look at it only to find out its "MT- Skhanda Mixtape vol.1", haha i actually felt like i was living under a rock cause i usually got my ears on the streets but then again you can't blame me cause this is the first solo track i've heard from the guy.
But i did hear him drop a few bars on the FullClip and he was nice with the punches, so check out his joint "Bazogcwala" and please share the link. Enjoy!!


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