Thursday, 22 November 2012

Khuli Chana's brand new album "Lost In Time"

Haha honestly, one of the reasons i posted this because i really dig the cover, well and the music too of course..
But if you've been living under rock, Khuli Chana dropped his 2nd album 16 November 2012 titled "Lost In Time" which features the smash hit "Tswa Daar" and you can also expect guest appearances from artists such as Reason, Zeus, HashOne from Sotho Mafia Ent, AKA (Its no suprise), KT, Towdee and many more..

So do the right thing and head down to your nearest store and grab yourself a copy!!!!!!

You can follow him on twitter: @KhuliChana01

and Oh, one more thing.. #SupportLocalOrDie

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