Thursday, 22 November 2012

M.G Exclusive Music Beat-Tape Vol.1 (Tracklist and date)

01. M.G Exclusive Music - For The OG's
02. Al El Phuric - Down South
03. Snapi - Crimez Of The Night
04. Teck-Zilla - Halos In The Distance
05. Loosta - Rockstar
06. BruceB Productions - Career Criminal
07. Profsam - My House
08. Mel V - Skull and Bones
09. XYZ - Holding On
10. ______ feat. Al El Phuric and M.G - Stunnin' Anthem

Bonus Track:
11. Loosta - Eat
12. M.G Exclusive Music - Pop That Beat

Download Preview:

First off, i would like to take this opportunity to apologies for taking so long with this, sadly my PC crashed a few weeks ago right after i finished editing the profiles and everything.
I had to start all over again but i managed to recover all the beats that were submited expect for mine.
Now things are back on track, the producers profiles and the Beat-Tape will be available by the END OF THIS MONTH, so spread the word and share the link!

Thank You..

M.G Exclusive Music!!!!

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